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Welcome to the Georgetown Forum. This is a moderated listserv hosted by the Citizens Association of Georgetown and is a member benefit of the association. We reserve the right to moderate the list. This Forum is a space where members and community leaders exchange information on public safety, local events, local services, and other relevant discussion topics. Together, we make Georgetown a safer, connected and engaged community.

Basic Rules & Restrictions:

- Posts should be relevant to Georgetown
- No spam
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- No personal attacks or profanity
- All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, post or responses are strictly prohibited
- No screenshots may be taken or shared anywhere outside this group
- Anyone joining the group under false pretenses or violating any of the rules will be banned
- Advertising is prohibited but post recommendations for business recommendations are allowed

Please note replies to postings in this group will be sent to the entire group, NOT only the original author. Please include your email in the message for a direct response.

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